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In ancient times, seeds from pomegranates were used as a unit of weight for average-sized gemstones. 
Since 1913, this imprecise unit has been replaced by the metric value of 0.2 grams = 1 carat. 

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. The larger the diamond, the higher its carat weight and generally its value as well. 
As the weight increases, the value of diamonds with similar characteristics typically increases exponentially.
Average ratio of weight to diameter for diamonds with brilliant cut: 

0,50 ct. 5,2 mm 
1,00 ct. 6,5 mm
1,5 ct. 7,4 mm
2,00 ct 8,2 mm
2,50 ct. 9,0 mm
3,00 ct. 9,3 mm
4,00 ct. 10,2 mm
6,00 ct. 11,7 mm
8,00 ct. 13,0 mm