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Our Diamonds

For centuries, diamonds have been considered the epitome of beauty, elegance, and value. They are highly rare and sought after, serving not 
only as captivating pieces of jewelry but also as secure investments.

What is a diamond? A diamond is made of pure carbon, just like graphite. The difference between diamonds and graphite lies only in the way carbon atoms bond with each other. In diamonds, four carbon atoms always bond together, while in graphite, it is only three. 

A diamond is the hardest natural substance, with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. The hardness of a diamond varies in different crystal directions, allowing one diamond to be cut with another diamond. The density of diamonds is 3.52 g/cm³. Internationally, the 4Cs are used to describe the most important quality characteristics of a diamond: 

– Carat, referring to its weight 
– Color, indicating its color grade 
– Clarity, representing its level of purity 
– Cut, denoting the quality of its cut
Other significant quality characteristics include: 

– Cut grade 
– Polish 
– Symmetry 
– Fluorescence 

ONE Solitaire offers diamonds in four categories:
Color D with clarity SI1, accompanied by a GIA certificate 
Color F with clarity IF, accompanied by a GIA certificate
Color G with clarity VS1, accompanied by a GIA certificate
Color H with clarity SI1, accompanied by a GIA certificate

All ONE Solitaire diamonds possess the following exclusive attributes: 

Cut: excellent
Polish: excellent
Symmetry excellent
Fluorescence : none