Diamond rings

ONE Solitaire diamond rings for that ONE woman in your life. Show her how wonderful she is.

At ONE Solitaire you won’t find just any diamond ring, but a unique
piece of jewellery, that perfectly enhances a woman’s character and style.

The ONE Solitaire collection consists of 4 models that are available in different diamond
sizes and qualities.Our jewellery designers have created the ONE Solitaire collection with great attention to detail, with reference to the
diversity and beauty of nature and inspired by floral shapes.

We offer diamonds in 4 categories, all of them with a GIA certificate, which makes the diamond unmistakable
and the valuation transparent. All ONE diamonds are laser engraved with the individual certificate number. 
This engraving is not visible to the naked eye, so it does not interfere in any way with the brilliance or appearance of the
diamond, but it can be deciphered under a magnifying glass.This ensures beyond doubt that the diamond and the certificate 
belong together and that there can be no confusion or mix-up.

In the GIA certificate, all our diamonds are rated ‘excellent’ for cut, polish and symmetry and ‘none’ for fluorescence.

Colour D – Clarity SI1
Colour F – Clarity IF  
Colour G – Clarity VS1
Colour H – Clarity SI1