Inspired by the Dahlia,
our Dalia ring has a perennial feel,
thanks to the rounded smooth
bezel setting


In its white gold bezel setting, this diamond is well-protected against damage.
This ONEsolitaire classic engagement ring exemplifies the unique
character of its bearer. A timeless tradition that remains
unchanged to this day.

DALIA – white gold ring with diamond, in a bezel setting
The Dalia ONEsolitaire is available in the following sizes:
0,3 – 04 – 0,5 – 0,6 – 0,7 – 0,8 – 0,9 – 1,0 carat.
Other sizes are available on request.

The ONEsolitaire Collection revolves around 4 basic designs,
developed by our creative team. Our designs are inspired by floral
forms, and Nature’s creative richness in all its magnificent facets.

Just as every woman has a special personality, so ONEsolitaire
jewellery by RANZI is also unique in its design.