Our ONEsolitaire – unique… like love.

ONEsolitaire by Ranzi

ONEsolitaire rings are for that ONE and Only woman in your life.
To show her how wonderful she is.

  • Suites every taste
  • To fit your budget
  • Customizable to your preference
  • 4 basic designs
  • Countless variations

Based around 4 basic designs, the ONEsolitaire Collection
was created by our own creative team. Our designs are inspired
by floral forms, and Nature’s creative richness in
all its magnificent facets.

Just as every woman has a special personality, so ONEsolitaire

jewellery by RANZI is also unique in its design.

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The images of our jewellery creations are for illustrative purposes only. No liability is accepted for accidental variations in the depiction or description thereof with respect to the actual item/s.