Gold Alloy Setting

Most white-gold jewellery (sold as “nickel safe”) still contain a small percentage of nickel and are slightly yellowish in colour. To prevent this, jewellery settings are treated with a thin layer of white rhodium. As the jewellery wears over time, this coating tends to disappear, leaving a yellowish hue.

ONEsolitaire Collection jewellery is finished in palladium white gold, made up of 750/000 gold, 130/000 palladium and 120/000 of other metals (such as silver).

Palladium is difficult to work with and very expensive, costing much more than gold!

A Lotus 0,5 ct

A ring mounted on palladium-finished white-gold alloy has a number of advantages:

  • It is completely nickel-free.
  • It maintains its white tone (ordinary white gold turns
    yellow as the rhodium plating wears away over time).
  • Palladium white gold is not as brittle as average white gold.
    Subjected to constant wear and tear, stones mounted on white
    gold palladium jewellery are a lot more resistant.